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Donor Sperm Insemination for Lesbian Couples

Donor sperm insemination for lesbian couples provides the most efficient way to have a baby.

Once you and your partner select a sperm donor, you can begin fertility treatment Dr. Munch and Dr. Hudson perform intrauterine insemination using donor sperm (IUI-D) in our San Antonio fertility clinic in both natural and medicated cycles. If fertility testing does not indicate any significant fertility issues, Dr. Erika Munch or Dr. Susan Hudson will likely recommend donor sperm IUI, which is no different from traditional IUI.

Our fertility specialists may recommend that you take fertility medications in conjunction with IUI.

This is necessary for women who do not ovulate or do not ovulate regularly. Fertility medications have also been shown to be helpful for women who do ovulate regularly, as they do raise the chance for pregnancy compared to unmedicated cycles. Regardless of whether you take fertility medications or not, the IUI is performed in the exact same manner.

On the day after your LH surge, you will come into our office for the insemination. If you are taking fertility medications, your physician may choose to give you an injection that triggers ovulation to occur. In that case, your insemination will be scheduled to occur approximately 36-44 hours after you take the trigger shot. The insemination procedure involves placing a speculum into the vagina so that, one of our fertility specialists can visualize your cervix. They will then guide a catheter through your cervix and into your uterus.

Once the catheter is positioned high in your uterus near your fallopian tubes, your physician will inject the washed and prepared sperm from your donor into your uterine cavity. The procedure is painless, and we will ask you to lay still for approximately 10 minutes after the insemination in order to allow time for the sperm to make it out into the fallopian tubes.

You will then resume your normal activity, although we may ask you to avoid bathing or swimming for approximately 48 hours in order to maximize the amount of time that viable sperm can remain in the cervix.

If fertility testing highlights any significant fertility problems, such as tubal occlusion, pelvic adhesions, moderate to severe endometriosis, or diminished ovarian reserve, our fertility specialists may recommend donor sperm IVF, which is very similar to traditional IVF.

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