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Breast Cancer and Fertility Preservation Options

Receiving a breast cancer diagnosis would likely send ripple effects through your whole life. If you or a loved one is grappling with this kind of news, it can feel overwhelming. Part of the planning at this point involves forming a strategy to fight this disease and thinking about the future. Early detection and advances in treatment options have improved survival odds,

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“Waiting to Start a Family: Options to Preserve your Fertility.”

College. Career. Marriage. Baby. The new natural order in a woman’s life sometimes wreaks havoc on nature’s design for fertility. Studies show that approximately 20 percent of women wait until after age 35 to begin their families.* Society tells women that they can have it all without warning them that waiting too long to have a baby may interfere with a woman’s ability to conceive.

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Donor Oocytes vs. Adoption: Is There Really a Difference?

One of the most difficult discussions that we have with patients concerns what they should do when conventional fertility treatments have failed or are not a good option. While some patients find themselves in this situation after trying to conceive unsuccessfully with ovulation induction or even in vitro fertilization, many more patients are actually presenting to our office at their first visit with a very poor prognosis for success before they even attempt fertility treatment.

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Demystifying the myths of infertility

How many times have you heard, “Just relax and you’ll get pregnant, it’ll happen when you least expect it”? For many couples, these comments that are not meant to be hurtful can be the ones that hurt the most. Many people who have not struggled with infertility don’t truly understand the magnitude of the process which leads to common myths being passed on as truths.

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