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Becoming Pregnant with PCOS

Finding hope and becoming pregnant with PCOS

Finding hope and becoming pregnant with PCOSWhile becoming pregnant with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) seems challenging to many, the doctors at our San Antonio fertility clinic have helped many hopeful parents with this diagnosis. Katrina and James are two of the hopeful parents who we’ve supported on this journey.

Katrina always had a feeling she would struggle with becoming pregnant, as her cycles were never normal. Six months after marrying, the couple began trying to build their family.

Soon after, Katrina started feeling nauseous and thought she’d finally become pregnant. She scheduled an appointment with her doctor. Sadly, her period started the next day. Determined to have a baby, Katrina kept visiting her OB/GYN with the hope of discovering why she wasn’t conceiving. These appointments and subsequent tests revealed that she had PCOS.

“When we found out I had PCOS my doctor kept talking about how hard becoming pregnant with PCOS was, and that if we did get pregnant the chance of miscarriage would be high,” says Katrina. They left the appointment feeling disappointed, yet still committed to finding a way.

Katrina soon returned to her doctor, who had her do three rounds of Clomid. When the Clomid didn’t result in pregnancy, Katrina went through various evaluations until her doctor finally referred her to our San Antonio fertility clinic.

Finding positive support for becoming pregnant with PCOS

Finding hope and becoming pregnant with PCOS“I was happy to receive care elsewhere, as my doctor wasn’t very sensitive about our situation and seemed to only focus on the negatives,” Katrina remembers. “I expected the team at Texas Fertility Center to be like that, but they were the opposite. During our initial consult with Dr. Munch she gave us our hope back. It was amazing.”

Katrina and James appreciated that Dr. Munch was excited to help them with becoming pregnant with PCOS. They also felt like the staff at our San Antonio fertility clinic was rooting for them. No one treated them like “just another patient,” which made them feel supported and encouraged.

Their next step consisted of three rounds of Femara, with increasing doses each time. When an active follicle was detected, Katrina received the hCG trigger shot. It worked. This series of fertility treatments resulted in a healthy pregnancy.

Katrina and James were overjoyed when they heard the heartbeat of their baby for the first time. They now have a healthy baby girl and couldn’t be happier.

Tips for other hopeful parents

Finding hope and becoming pregnant with PCOSKatrina’s number one piece of advice for hopeful parents navigating the process of becoming pregnant with PCOS is to stay positive. “It’s easy to stay in a dark space when you’re trying to have a baby and it’s not happening. You also feel like a pincushion at times, which can feel frustrating and deflating. But if you trust your doctor and focus on any positives you can find, the journey will be so much better. Instead of thinking ‘this is never going to happen,’ tell yourself that it could totally happen, at any time,” Katrina shares.

She also recommends talking about fertility challenges, saying that it will help other people going through similar situations to feel less alone. Contact us for more information about becoming pregnant with PCOS at our San Antonio fertility clinic.