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Conceiving with a Varicocele – Finding Hope at TFC

Brittany and Landon wondered if conceiving with a varicocele was possible

Brittany and Landon wondered if conceiving with a varicocele was possibleWhen Brittany and Landon got married, they wondered if their journey to have children would require them to visit a San Antonio fertility center. Landon found conceiving with a varicocele to be difficult and suffered two miscarriages in his previous marriage. As a result, the newlyweds knew they may face similar struggles to welcome a baby.

A varicocele is an enlargement of the veins in the scrotum. This condition can cause male infertility in some men, but the couple decided to try to conceive naturally before pursuing fertility treatments.

After trying for a year, Brittany and Landon made an appointment with a local fertility center. However, they decided not to pursue treatment at that clinic. “We just didn’t click with the doctor. The process there felt very cookie cutter, so we started doing more research,” Brittany explains.

Turning to Texas Fertility Center for help conceiving with a varicocele

After a few more months, Brittany found our San Antonio fertility center and made an appointment with Erika Munch MD. “We fell in love with her at the consultation and things started moving quickly from there,” she says.

To make conceiving with a varicocele possible, Dr. Munch recommended in vitro fertilization (IVF). After taking medications for ovarian stimulation, Brittany came in for the egg retrieval procedure. It resulted in 14 eggs. After fertilization, preimplantation genetic testing revealed that the couple had two healthy embryos. One girl and one boy.

According to Brittany, “We asked Dr. Munch to transfer the healthiest embryo, which was the boy, and the transfer took. I instantly felt like I was pregnant, and the 10-day pregnancy test confirmed it.”

A mix of emotions comes with the pregnancy news

Brittany was excited about the pregnancy from the beginning. However, Landon was nervous at first, due to the miscarriages he experienced in his previous marriage. “It took some time for him to get over the nervousness and get excited,” she recalls.

It turns out that Landon had nothing to worry about because the couple gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Colt. This amazing little boy has brought the couple nothing but joy, especially for Landon. “It’s amazing watching him with our son. It’s all he’s ever wanted, and he went through so much to get here,” Brittany says.

The couple was so happy with their experience at our San Antonio fertility center, they plan to come back soon to transfer the female embryo for help conceiving with a varicocele. According to Brittany, “I can’t get there soon enough. I feel very confident and excited.”

Looking back and providing advice about conceiving with a varicocele

Brittany can’t say enough good things about their experience at our San Antonio fertility center. “Dr. Munch made the process so smooth that it didn’t feel difficult. It was very scientific but still felt natural,” Brittany explains. “She’s like a fairy godmother and we think the world of her.”

As for her advice for other hopeful parents, Brittany recommends that they keep moving forward and focus on the positive. “Just remember why you’re doing it. When you’re holding your baby, you won’t remember any of the pain or tears because nothing else matters.”

If you’re looking for help conceiving with a varicocele or need help overcoming any other cause of infertility, Dr. Munch can help. Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn more.