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Welcoming Evelyn – With Help from IUI with Donor Sperm

Two mothers turn to IUI with donor sperm to welcome a baby

Two mothers turn to IUI with donor sperm to welcome a babyWhen Crystal and Amanda were ready to grow their family, they wanted to find a San Antonio fertility center that was LGBT-friendly. They also hoped to find a doctor who was kind and knowledgeable. They found all this and more when they came to Erika Munch MD for IUI with donor sperm.

Intrauterine insemination, or IUI, is a straightforward fertility treatment that involves inserting sperm directly into the hopeful mother’s uterus using a catheter. Single women and same-sex female couples often rely on this treatment and donor sperm to become mothers.

Although Crystal was nervous when she first came to our San Antonio fertility center, Dr. Munch helped put her mind at ease. “I’m a nervous person and I don’t usually like doctors, but Dr. Munch was so friendly, and she wasn’t intimidating like some doctors can be. She made the process easy for us,” she explains.

Starting the process to conceive using IUI with donor sperm

After meeting with Dr. Munch, the couple decided to pursue IUI with donor sperm. They also decided that Crystal would carry the pregnancy. From the beginning, Crystal and Amanda felt at ease. “I was scared coming in and I expected the process to be awkward, but Dr. Munch made it feel very natural.” Crystal recalls.

Crystal started tracking her ovulation, but Dr. Munch discovered that she had a cyst on her left ovary and wasn’t ovulating. However, she quickly came up with a solution. According to Crystal, “She gave me a trigger shot of Ovidrel that triggered ovulation for me.”

On the day of the insemination, Amanda had a special request. She wanted to push the plunger to release the donor sperm from the catheter. “She wanted to be the one to inseminate me,” Crystal laughs. “We weren’t sure Dr. Munch would say yes, but she did. She just kept a death grip on the catheter to keep it in the right place.”

IUI with donor sperm at our San Antonio fertility center ended up being a success for Crystal and Amanda. They welcomed a healthy and beautiful baby girl named Evelyn. According to Crystal, “She’s perfect. Amanda also did such a great job of picking a sperm donor. People can’t tell which one of us is biologically related to her because she looks like both of us.”

Expressing gratitude for Dr. Munch and offering advice to others

The experience at our San Antonio fertility center was so good that the couple is now thinking about going back to have a second and later a third child using IUI with donor sperm.

“The team was so warm and friendly, and they always welcomed us, almost like family. Dr. Munch stood by us every step of the way and didn’t let me worry even when I was afraid,” Crystal says. “There’s nowhere else we’d want to go.”

Crystal has two pieces of advice for other hopeful parents. “I know it can be scary, but you don’t have to be afraid,” she says. “I also recommend going to Texas Fertility Center.

If you’re looking for LGBT-friendly fertility options or seeking more information about IUI with donor sperm, Dr. Munch can tell you more. Contact us to schedule a consultation.