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Overcoming the Odds – An IVF Story

The beginning of Alex and Jenny’s IVF story

Overcoming the Odds – A couple’s IVF story at our San Antonio fertility centerAlex and Jenny’s* IVF story began seven years ago. The couple was settling into civilian life after Alex received an honorable discharge from the United States Air Force. No longer living with the worry of being deployed, they decided to try for their first child. It took a year to conceive, which they attributed to Jenny’s long-term use of birth control, but the pregnancy was flawless and their son was born healthy.

A few years later, the couple decided to try for one more baby. As with the first try, it took a year to conceive, but they were thrilled when they saw a positive pregnancy test.  However, a few weeks later, Jenny began complaining of cramps and spotting. The pain soon became unbearable and she scheduled an appointment with her doctor. It turns out that she was experiencing an ectopic pregnancy that had ruptured her right Fallopian tube and had caused internal bleeding. After emergency surgery to save her life, the couple felt a strange combination of grief and gratitude.

According to Alex “You know that feeling when you are in a car just before you crash into something? Your heart stops, you can’t swallow or breathe. Our hopes that things could be fixed just came crashing down, as we were told that the pregnancy was ending. However, we felt blessed that the doctor was able to save my wife’s life.”

They made a follow-up appointment a few weeks later. The doctor explained that a scan of Jenny’s remaining Fallopian tube showed a blockage, so she recommended that the couple see a fertility doctor.

The couple’s IVF story at our San Antonio fertility center

After some online research and calling around, the couple found our San Antonio fertility center. “This clinic was closer than that which was referred to us, and they were able to see us very quickly,” Alex recalls.

Overcoming the Odds – A couple’s IVF story at our San Antonio fertility centerAlthough the couple was nervous at this first appointment, Erika Munch MD instantly put them at ease. According to Jenny, “From the very beginning, Dr. Munch was very caring and transparent with us. She never made a promise she could not keep, but she did let us know that she would do everything within her abilities to give us the best odds of having more children. She did uphold that promise.”

After reviewing the results of the couple’s fertility tests, Dr. Munch found that Jenny’s remaining tube was swollen and had bacteria near the ovary. She told the couple that the tube was beyond reasonable repair and would likely result in another ectopic pregnancy. As a result, she recommended surgery to remove the tube and then in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Dr. Munch performed the operation to remove the other tube and clean up the remainder of the formerly ectopic tube. Jenny then started taking medications for ovarian stimulation. Every night, Alex would help her with the injections. Dr. Munch then performed the egg retrieval. After fertilization, the couple had seven embryos, five of which made it to the blastocyst stage and were frozen.

A month later, they did their first single embryo transfer and everything seemed fine. However, they ultimately miscarried. “It was a time to grieve, but also pick ourselves up and try again. We had come too far to stop, or let anything discourage us because we still held on to the faith that God would take care of everything how He wants,” Alex explains.

Overcoming the Odds – A couple’s IVF story at our San Antonio fertility centerWhen the couple returned to our San Antonio fertility center, Dr. Munch evaluated Jenny and then asked an important question, considering the first failed embryo transfer. “Do you want to transfer one or two embryos?” After taking some time to consider her question and pray at home, the couple believed that transferring two embryos was what God wanted for them and they started the next chapter of their IVF story.

After the double embryo transfer, both embryos implanted and Jenny conceived twins. According to Alex, “After all the pain and heartbreak we experienced with losing two children, the weeks progressed and both embryos grew at perfect rates. It was definitely a model pregnancy.”

After several weeks, Dr. Munch was satisfied with the babies’ growth and released Jenny back to her OB/GYN.  It was a bittersweet moment. “We didn’t want to leave Dr. Munch’s care because of how much we’d grown to respect and cherish her and her team,” she says.

Ultimately, Jenny gave birth to two healthy boys via an emergency C-section to avoid the complications of preeclampsia. According to Alex, “I had just enough time to get my son from school and get to the hospital to see my two other beautiful boys brought into this world.”

Advice for other hopeful parents

As Alex and Jenny reflect on their IVF story, they are thankful for their faith and for Dr. Munch’s assistance. “None of this would be possible without God’s guidance and Dr. Munch and her staff as the engine of that guidance. Our prayers have been affirmed by the well-being of our family, and though we may have two angels waiting in heaven, God has given us two more here on earth.”

For other couples who are undergoing fertility treatments, the couple recommends establishing a good patient-doctor relationship and feeling comfortable enough to ask for the doctor’s recommendations. They also suggest taking time to think. “Unless it’s life-threatening, always take time to consider your options.”

Today, the couple couldn’t be happier with the result of their IVF story. “We can never thank Dr. Munch enough for everything she’s done for us. We love you, and you will always have a special place in our family,” Alex says.

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* Names changed for privacy