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Male Smokers and Fertility

What We Know about Smoking and a Woman’s Fertility

It is well accepted that smoking is detrimental to ovarian function and female fertility. Smoking has been shown to be toxic to ovarian follicles and eggs, demonstrating a direct correlation between smoking and decline in fertility.

Excessive smoking is linked to the premature onset of diminished ovarian reserve (loss of eggs from the ovary) which leads to a decline in fertility.

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Donor Oocytes vs. Adoption: Is There Really a Difference?

One of the most difficult discussions that we have with patients concerns what they should do when conventional fertility treatments have failed or are not a good option. While some patients find themselves in this situation after trying to conceive unsuccessfully with ovulation induction or even in vitro fertilization, many more patients are actually presenting to our office at their first visit with a very poor prognosis for success before they even attempt fertility treatment.

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