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Dr. Han Talks about Elective Egg Freezing

Dr. Han talks about elective egg freezing

You have a busy, full life, filled with career and friends, but one day you realize that your biological clock is moving forward faster than you would like. If you aren’t ready to have children or haven’t met your partner, elective egg freezing is a way for you to preserve or extend your fertility. Dr. Eric Han can help you explore this option.

Learn how elective egg freezing with Dr. Han can help extend your fertility

Our San Antonio fertility specialist can help you understand how the egg freezing process works and whether it would be an option for you. He will walk you through every step of the procedure.

“The process is overwhelmingly safe,” Dr. Han notes. “The egg retrieval process is a minor outpatient surgical procedure and has a very low risk of complications, such as bleeding and infection.”

Several basic steps are involved in the egg freezing process.

• You take medication to stimulate your ovaries to produce multiple, mature eggs.
• You go to the Texas Fertility Center, where Dr. Han retrieves the eggs during an in-office procedure.
• An IVF lab receives your eggs and freezes them for your future use.

After egg freezing, the frozen eggs can be stored for as long as you desire. Most women opt to use their eggs within a 10-year time frame.

“Elective egg freezing is a safe option for young women who are concerned about their biological clock, but aren’t quite ready to start a family,” Dr. Han says. “Fertility preservation allows women to extend their reproductive potential in the years to come.”

Our San Antonio fertility specialist is happy to discuss fertility preservation options with you

Eric Han MD believes in working with his patients and educating them about their options. If you would like to talk to this San Antonio fertility specialist about fertility preservation, contact us to make an appointment with Dr. Han. He can help you with every step of your journey to parenthood, from egg freezing to intrauterine insemination (IUI) or IVF.

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