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Taking the stress out of sperm collection for an IUI

There are few things that are as pressured as having to collect a specimen for an intrauterine insemination, or IUI. Not only are men expected to collect a specimen on demand, but then they get graded on the quality of it! Here are a few pointers on helping to make “the deed” a little less stressful.

 Collection tips

The preferred method of sperm collection for an IUI is through masturbation. Saliva, vaginal secretions, and some lubricants can harm or even kill some of the sperm in the sample. Texas Fertility Center or Austin IVF can provide samples and/or suggestions of approved lubricants to use during collection. If masturbation is not possible for various reasons, collection condoms are available for a small fee which allows collection to occur during intercourse.

 Abstinence Time

To help achieve better results, it’s best to allow a two to three day abstinence period between an ejaculation and the collection for the IUI. In the sperm cycle, mature sperm will only live inside the male’s body for a few days before they begin to die and are broken down by white blood cells. Therefore, attempting to build up sperm counts by waiting longer between ejaculations can actually backfire and result in a lower count. An abstinence time of less than the recommended time may result in a lower count as well as his body is not able to replenish the mature sperm in time.

 Freezing Sperm

Don’t forget that there is always the option of freezing a specimen at Austin IVF prior to the IUI. This comes in handy if you will be unable to collect a specimen on the day of the IUI for any reason such as travelling or difficulty in collecting.

We hope these tips will help to de-stress specimen collection on the day of your next IUI!

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