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Hope for Men Facing Infertility on Father’s Day

Make this the last year that you struggle with infertility on Father’s Day

Struggling to conceive is never easy. However, facing infertility on Father’s Day can be especially challenging. A day that celebrates the joys of fatherhood can seem like a cruel reminder of your fertility struggles. Thankfully, Erika Munch MD offers highly effective male fertility treatments at Texas Fertility Center.

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We Proudly Provide Fertility Care for the Military

Texas Fertility Center is proud to provide fertility care for the military

The members of the US Armed Forces make great sacrifices every day to protect our freedom. However, our San Antonio infertility clinic believes that fertility shouldn’t be something that they have to sacrifice. Erika Munch MD provides comprehensive fertility care for the military.

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Conceiving with an Autoimmune Disorder

Conceiving with an autoimmune disorder is possible with the right care

Your immune system’s goal is to protect you. However, if you have an autoimmune disease, it can be overactive and attack your own tissue instead of foreign bodies. These types of conditions range from lupus to rheumatoid arthritis, and they can make it more difficult to welcome a baby.

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All About Preparing for Fertility Treatments

Preparing for fertility treatments? Learn about the steps you can take to get ready

When you first start thinking about preparing for fertility treatments, it can feel a little overwhelming. After all, most people don’t have experience with starting fertility treatment. Thankfully, the team at Texas Fertility Center has spent the last four decades helping patients who are new to fertility care.

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How to Select a Fertility Clinic

Learn what all hopeful parents need to know before they select a fertility clinic

Have you been TTC without luck? If it’s been one year (or six months if you’re 35 or over), it might be time to enlist help from an expert. At Texas Fertility Center, we know that deciding to seek fertility treatment is often an emotional decision.

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Dealing With Eating Disorders and Infertility

Eating disorders and infertility have a complex relationship

When looking at the statistics, eating disorders and infertility have something in common. They both affect millions of people. However, that’s not all that links them. Fertility issues are frequently one of the long-term consequences of having an eating disorder. This is true for both women and men.

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Tips for Giving Fertility Shots – Fear-Free Fertility

Make your fertility journey smoother with these tips for giving fertility shots

Giving yourself shots at home can sometimes be part of your fertility treatment. These subcutaneous injections go into your skin and into the fatty tissue when you are undergoing IVF or taking gonadotrophins. It might sound intimidating, especially if you don’t like needles.

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Infertility and Relationships – Keeping the Spark Alive

Many couples need help navigating infertility and relationships

If you feel that fertility issues are putting a strain on you and your partner, you aren’t alone. Our San Antonio fertility doctor Erika Munch MD has seen many couples struggling to manage infertility and relationships. After all, fertility issues and timed intercourse can take the romance out of sex,

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