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Who Needs Donor Sperm

Wondering who needs donor sperm? Texas Fertility Center has the answer

Many patients who visit our San Antonio infertility doctor want to know who needs donor sperm. Erika Munch MD explains that many individuals and couples can benefit from using a sperm donor.

Each patient’s fertility journey is different. Our team wants you to feel confident that you selected the right family-building option for you. Here is a look sperm donation candidates and how it can help patients achieve pregnancy.

An overview of who needs donor sperm

You might be surprised to learn how many fertility patients can benefit from a donor. Sperm donation is a versatile and highly effective fertility treatment for many people. Our San Antonio infertility doctor may recommend sperm donation to the following patients.

  • Single women who want to conceive often turn to donor sperm. Dr. Munch can often help these patients conceive by performing intrauterine insemination (IUI) with sperm donation. She may recommend IVF in other cases.
  • Couples facing severe male infertility may need help from a donor. This is an excellent option if a man has a very low sperm count due to male infertility, cancer treatments or other issues.
  • Same-sex female couples can rely on sperm donation to have a baby. Our San Antonio infertility doctor offers IUI, IVF and reciprocal IVF with sperm donation. Reciprocal IVF allows one woman to donate the eggs and the other to carry the baby.

A quick look at how sperm donation works

A patient first decides that they are someone who needs donor sperm. This may be due to the results of fertility testing or the nature of their life circumstances. After making this decision, they can select a donor.

A sperm donor is a healthy man who is typically younger than 40. Most patients select an anonymous donor through a sperm donation agency. However, some people prefer to rely on someone they know to be their donor.

All sperm donors must undergo rigorous blood testing and a semen analysis. Their sperm must also be quarantined for at least six months before using it. Donors from an agency have already undergone this process.

Once the sperm is ready to use, our San Antonio infertility doctor can perform IUI, IVF or reciprocal IVF. You and Dr. Munch will discuss which treatment is best for you.

Contact us to learn more about who needs donor sperm and how the process works. The team at Texas Fertility Center can guide you on this exciting journey.