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Donor Sperm IVF

Make your dream of parenthood come true with help from donor sperm IVF

Texas Fertility Center offers many different fertility treatments to help overcome barriers on the path to parenthood. Options like intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF) can be very effective for many patients. However, other people need to go a step further and pursue donor sperm IVF to conceive. Erika Munch MD is our San Antonio infertility doctor who works with patients who want to start or grow their families using IVF with donated sperm.

Exploring the process of using IVF with donated sperm

Using donor sperm doesn’t change the experience of going through in vitro fertilization. It simply requires a patient to select a sperm donor before starting the process. The donor can be a known donor, which is a person the patient already knows, or he can be an anonymous donor from a sperm bank. Dr. Munch and her team can help you with the donor selection process, regardless of whether you want to use an anonymous or a known donor.

Ultimately, most patients decide to select a donor from a sperm bank. There are several benefits of doing so. Although the donors at sperm banks are anonymous, sperm banks do provide intended parents with information about each man’s appearance, education, health, interests and personality. Additionally, all donors from sperm banks have already undergone the necessary testing and six-month quarantine period, so the sperm is immediately ready to use.

After selecting a sperm donor, you can begin your donor sperm IVF cycle at our San Antonio infertility center. The first step is taking medications for ovarian stimulation and attending monitoring appointments. Next, Dr. Munch will perform an outpatient egg retrieval procedure. Then, the eggs will go to the IVF laboratory. There, our embryologists will fertilize them using the donor sperm. Finally, Dr. Munch will transfer one of the resulting embryos to your uterus.

If you would like to learn more about the genetic health and sex of your embryos, you can order preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) as part of your IVF cycle. Testing would occur after fertilization and before the embryo transfer.

Several types of patients make good candidates for donor sperm IVF

Our San Antonio infertility center team finds that the following groups of intended parents are good candidates for donor sperm IVF.

Contact us to schedule an appointment at Texas Fertility Center to learn more about IVF with donated sperm. Our team is happy to tell you more about your family-building options.