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Egg Donor Selection

Egg donor selection at TFC is a very thorough process

For those building their family through egg donation, egg donor selection can feel overwhelming. Rest assured that our San Antonio egg donation program has worked hard to assemble a group of diverse donors to match the needs of a variety of families. We are committed to helping you find an egg donor and navigate this journey successfully.

How egg donor selection at TFC works

At Texas Fertility Center, potential egg donors go through an extensive vetting process to ensure they are exceptional candidates to help others build their families. Egg donors are young and healthy women, ages 18-30 years old, who have no known fertility issues. This means that they are likely to have high-quality eggs, which increases the odds of pregnancy success for hopeful parents. Our team will perform ovarian reserve and ultrasound testing to assess and confirm their ovarian health.

Potential donors also undergo extensive infectious disease and drug testing as well as genetic screening. This makes sure the donor doesn’t carry an illness or genetic disease that could be passed on to a child.

Additionally, all egg donors go through an extensive psychological evaluation and personality testing by a certified psychologist. This process ensures that you find an egg donor who motivated for the right reasons and is altruistic in her desire to help others build their families.

Place your trust in our San Antonio egg donation program

At Texas Fertility Center, we know that the egg donor selection process can be a daunting one. Let our compassionate and experienced team reassure you that, with a TFC donor, you have an excellent chance of building the family of your dreams.

Contact our office to discuss whether egg donation is the right choice for you and your family.