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Working with an Egg Donor Agency

Tips for working with an egg donor agency

Once you decide to use donor eggs, it may feel like it’s only the first in a series of many decisions. One of the first is figuring out where to find donor eggs. Our San Antonio fertility center offers a diverse pool of highly screened and qualified egg donors. This option is less expensive than working with an egg donor agency and most of our patients choose this route to build a family through egg donation.

However, if you are still interested in working with an egg donor agency, our San Antonio fertility center can help you. You should first speak with your doctor and review your goals for pregnancy. Our team can help identify the right egg donor agency for you.

A look at egg donor agencies

Egg donor agencies recruit young women (typically under age 30) to undergo the first part of an IVF cycle. This includes ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval.

You can find agencies across the country that recruit women of all races, ethnicities and education levels. Each egg donor agency hosts a website where you can review the available egg donors and find one who matches your needs.

Some egg donor agencies offer frozen donor eggs. This means the donors have already undergone ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval, and their frozen donor eggs are waiting for you.

Other egg donor agencies specialize in recruiting women to provide fresh donor eggs. In this case, the woman will undergo the first half of an IVF cycle and you will immediately use the fresh eggs. These are often referred to as fresh egg donors.

Find support for working with an egg donor agency

You aren’t alone when you are working with an egg donor agency. Our San Antonio fertility center will help you with where to find donor eggs, and can connect you with the right agency for your family. Additionally, our team will coordinate all your fertility treatments using the donor eggs.

Dr. Munch and our San Antonio fertility center are here to help you navigate donor egg cycles and egg donor agencies. We are committed to helping you build the family of your dreams. Contact us to schedule an appointment to take your first steps to parenthood.